New Addition to the landscape of Kiev!

Sometimes progress is measured in inches. When I returned to Kiev in September 2003, I was amazed at the progress that had happened in 5 years!

Well, last night I noticed a new product being sold here that has never been here… Dr Pepper! I had to ask myself why I gave up sugar drinks! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Dr Pepper in Ukraine! You can’t even find it all over Poland or Hungary and here it was in the grocery store that I frequent.

Right away I called Randy and Helen Greer. If it is possible, Randy loves the stuff more than I do! So, here I was, looking at a case of DP in cans, which is another miracle, since most of our drinks are in bottles. I bought 6, my Ukrainian friend bought 3 and we left the rest for Randy.

He was happy, I am happy, life is good…