New Pet Peeve

I receive CNN International.  It is the best (of the worst???) of three English options (others are BBC and Euronews).  With the time change, I receive Anderson Cooper 360 Live here.  They used to broadcast Larry King Live (live) as well, however, he is now on tape delay.  But I digress…

The past two mornings (evening in US) Soledad O’Brien has been the host and I noticed that they have started doing something that completely irritates me!  They will get in the middle of a story and then will cut away to commercials and then continue the story after the break.

The news media is having to do all they can to keep people’s interest.  Now, they have come up with a new way.  It reminds me of the bait and switch tactics salespeople use from time to time.  Get you in the store under one guise and then show you a better, improved model that cost twice as much.  Only the news media is doing this with news stories.

Does this bother anyone else besides me???