New Years resolutions

Many years ago, I tried doing some NY resolutions.  However, I found by mid to late January I had stopped trying or wasn’t motivated to continue.

The organization I work for started a process where I would need to have several goals for the year.  These goals must be achievable and related to the work/ ministry that I am involved in.

I have enjoyed these types of goals much more and while I wouldn’t say they are “completely” achievable, they definitely motivate me to try.  One goal I had for this year was to get out and meet the people in my neighborhood.  This has caused me to get out and have coffee at coffee shops, to shop at the sames stores most of the time, or to buy veggies from the same persons at the local market.

This has allowed me to get to know these folks and to know more about their families, their needs, etc.

I plan to have this same goal for 2012 with trying to expand the stores I shop at or drink coffee.  It helps me hear the heartbeat of the city which I have grown to love and I learn about people and their needs, and hopefully, it helps me become even more understanding.

I am still considering what my other goals for 2012, but I am already looking forward to seeing what will happen with this goal!  Happy New Year!