New York, New York!

I have had an incredible week in NYC.  I arrived Monday afternoon and after getting settled, walked to Times Square and took in the sites.  Wow, there are a lot of lights (and electricity) used there.

I had dinner downtown and then walked back to the hotel via Rockefeller Center and the Apple Store (which is open 24 hours a day!!!)  It was warmish (in the upper 40’s).

Tuesday I went shopping at Macy’s, had lunch downtown and then came back to the room for a little rest before heading out to Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum.  I tried to find Brooklyn Tabernacle, but got on the wrong subway and ended up nowhere near the place.  By then it was too late to get there…

Wednesday morning I took in the Radio City Music Hall’s Christmas Spectacular, featuring the Rockettes.  BTW, did you know they used to be called they Roxyettes, after the creator of the dance team?  Afterwards, I had lunch in town and then took the train to the World Trade Center.  It was sombering.  I was going to go to Liberty, but got there as they were closing and the last ferry left.  So, I went to the Empire State Building instead.

Thursday, I took the subway all the way back to Battery Park (a good 30-40 minute ride).  I got a ticket and just missed the ferry, so I had to wait 30 minutes for the next ferry.  It has been cold in NYC the last 2 days and was barely 30 degrees when I got to Liberty.  I spent several hours there, went over to Ellis Island and then back to Battery Park.  Then, I walked up to Wall Street and took a few pictures.

After a rest, I went to Times Square and had dinner and then walked back to the hotel.  I am staying on W 72nd Street and Times Square is at 42nd Street.  So, as you can see, I have done A LOT of walking.  My feet are sore every evening.

BTW, if you come to NYC, be prepared for security at the different venues.  At the Empire SB and for the ferry to Statue of Liberty, you have to go through security checks, just like at the airport…

Also, restaurant prices in Manhattan are pricey!  So, be prepared…  It is a beautiful city and I have found the people that I have talked to to be very nice.  Way to go, NY!!!