News from Central Asia

I wanted to share with you an email that I received from my friend and student who lives in Central Asia. His name is Peter, but due to security reasons I will not say what country.

“Hello Joe. Everything is good here for me, praise the Lord. I am eating grapes, watermelon, melons and thinking if only Joe was here with me eating…”

Well, I know that where he lives it is harvest time and he is eating fresh fruits and vegetables and I am thinking “if only I could be there!”

He continues, “in our village it is +30 c. There is one older grandmother who is not a believer, but she desires that we come to her home and read the Word of God. Pray for her. Then her neighbor and her grandson began coming. I know that all of this is from the Hand of God. We want everything to happen quickly, but need to start from the small. (Then he wrote in English, “God bless you!”)

Well, when I receive these types of emails, it makes all the hardships with language, traffic, frustrations, etc worthwhile. God is at work in Central Asia and if the Lord allows I will be there the latter part of October. Please remember to pray for Peter and others to which he ministers.