News from Kazahstan

I finally made a couple of calls to people I know in Kstan. First of all, I called Julie and James Kim. Julie was able to update me on what is going on in Temirtau.

It sounds like the English classes are going well and contacts are being made. Pray for God to work in and through those classes. Also, other activities are being done and others are in the works. I will let you know what happens, so stay tuned.

I also tried to call Alibek (my friend from the bus trip). He may not have wanted to accept a call from a number that he doesn’t recognize, so he did not answer his cell phone. I don’t have his home number.

Also, I called my buddy Max. It was great to hear Max’s voice and to catch up on all that is going on in Karaganda with him. He related a story to me that I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing.

He told me of playing basketball with some “old men” who are “pensioners” (i.e. retired). Most of them were in their 50’s. Well, it seems that these “old men” could play some ‘ball and beat the youngsters. I am still laughing over this.

Max, Vasya and Kirill are in the 20’s and all are in good shape. So, I can only imagine that these “old men” already knew how to play some ‘ball.

I’m glad that Max has kept a good sense of humor about the situation. Maybe next time Max!