Not lost in translation

Currently, I am in Budapest for some medical treatments.  Yesterday, I had to go to a clinic to have a procedure done.  Normally one is put to sleep under anesthesia for this procedure.

So, before starting the anesthesiologist called me into his room and discussed my medical history and whether or not I had had any problems with anesthesia before.  I shared with him the times that I had been put under, I had never had any problems.

He then shared the drug he uses in anesthesia.  That drug, none other that propofol.  For those who don’t know, this is the same drug Michael Jackson used to get to sleep and the drug responsible for his dying.

Well, right away I laughed and said, “oh, isn’t that the drug that the doctor used when MJ died?”  He smiled and said, “oh, but I only use a little bit to get you to sleep.”

The anesthesiologist was right!  It only takes a little!  As he was preparing to put me under, he asked me to think of some happy thought of being on a beach or some great vacation.  Then, he began injecting the propofol.  I began getting light headed and then…  I don’t know what happened next as I was already out!

A little later, I woke up in the room next door.  I was singing.  One of the young ladies that worked there, came in and asked if I wanted any water.  I said yes, since it had been 9 hours since I had anything!

She brought the cup of water and asked me what I was singing.  She had heard the tune before.  The song I was singing, “Yes, Jesus loves me.”

Some things just aren’t lost in translation!

2 thoughts on “Not lost in translation

  1. Thanks for posting, Joe. I appreciated reading it. Hope all is well.
    Did you stay at Eden House while in Budapest?

    As VSC for eastern Slovakia we use Eden House as our stopover for mission trips.

  2. Bob,
    Thank you for stopping by. I am still at the Eden House. It is a wonderful place that provides warmth and comfort while in Budapest. I am grateful for the place.
    Blessings to you as you serve in Slovakia!

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