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Nothing like it before…

All of our flights from Astana to Europe leave during the night.  I got on a very full flight from Astana to Frankfurt.  There were lots of parents with newly adopted children from Kyrgyzstan and Kstan. It was great to see their beaming faces!

Well, the trip wasn’t without some adventure.  Adventure (приключение in Russian) seems to follow me.  It keeps life exciting and different for sure!

The first incident happened about 1 hour into our 6 hour flight.  The guy sitting next to me ordered a mix drink.  The guy gave it to him and then he went to sleep without drinking it.  Well, as I was dozing off, the guy turned and spilled the drink all over…me.  From my stomach down was soaking wet.  I didn’t want to stand up so that everyone could see what happened to me, so I waited for someone from the cabin crew to come by.  Eventually someone did and she gave me several towels.  I was dry by the time we reached Frankfurt.

We began to land.  We were at the airport, feet away from touching down when the captain it the gas and we took off, making a drastic vertical climb.  I was feeling a bit uneasy as many were by that time.  The captain came on and said that they had overrun the landing spot and needed to come back around for another try.  He did and then nailed the landing the second time.

That type of adventure I can live without… praising Him for being with us…

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