Yesterday, around 6 p.m. local time, I received an email from IMB president, David Platt.  He announced he had asked the trustees to begin the process of a seeking a new president.

Yesterday, around 10 a.m. local time, during my quiet time, the Lord impressed upon me while reading Exodus 19-20, the word obey.  The Lord desires for His children to obey His voice.

This morning, around 6 a.m. local time, the Lord woke me up with this word, oBEdient.  A few years ago, this was the Lottie Moon Christmas theme. oBEdient:  Be His Heart, Be His Hands, Be His Voice.  I have the Christmas ornament sitting in a display in my main hall.

I was called to live cross-culturally as a missionary in 1992.  As best as I knew how at the time, I went to Lugansk, Ukraine in February 1994.  Since then, that call has been front in center in my life.  The one desire I had, once I learned I had cancer, was to recover and return to the place the Lord had called me.

Several times, in my almost 15 years with IMB, I have seen a few men leave their churches to serve as a missionary.  In those cases that I know of, almost all of them have returned to the US to serve in pastoral roles.  I think some of them missed the opportunity to preach and lead a congregation.  It was their calling.

So, I understand David Platt’s heart completely. I appreciate his openness and honesty.  I would expect him to strive to be oBEdient.

Please join me in praying for IMB trustees as they begin the process of seeking the new leader for our organization.  May the Lord find us all oBEdient to the cause to reach the nations!


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  1. When I read his comment – “I have been burdened to continue preaching and leading in the local church amidst the lack of biblical literacy and missional urgency in the church and culture around me.” – I thought to myself “yes!” This is so excellent. God is, in deed, in control.

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