Of hair, and new experiences

IMG_0781I had a new experience today! I got a haircut at an Express Cuts kiosk near the apartment where I am staying.

As you walk in, there is a pay box. At first, I didn’t understand what it would be there for, but soon, I discovered that you pay for your haircut through the box. IMG_0779
The machine offered 3 languages, Russian, Ukrainian and English. There are several types of haircuts available. Once choosing the haircut I wanted, the next window showed me the amount owed.

IMG_0780 After paying the amount, I was issued a receipt. I sat down on the one available couch and waited my turn which didn’t take long. While I was waiting, one stylist finished with her client, swept the floor and opened this vent on the floor that was a vacuum cleaner. I noticed that every stylist had one.

When my turn came, I placed my backpack into a closet that was in front of my seat, and the door served as the mirror as well. It seemed like every inch of this place served a purpose. The building was not much bigger than a small trailer in the US.

After finishing, my stylist asked how I liked the cut and said I was free to go. I got a decent haircut in under 20 minutes and it cost 30 UAH (around $2.56). Each stylist had a tip jar and it appeared most of us were leaving tips. I guess this is the new trend in “no frills” haircuts and I liked it!