Of weddings and other things

Weddings are huge events in Ukraine (and all across the former SU). My friends, Max and Olga, who got married on Saturday was no different.

First, they asked everyone to be there at 1:45 p.m. since they know that Ukrainians are typically late and they wanted to start at 2 p.m. Guess who was 5 minutes late?!? The bride and groom! Still, there were some people who showed up at 2:30 for a wedding that lasted another 15 minutes! At least they can say they were there!

I was asked to sing a song, and decided to sing “Shine on Us.” I had sung it once before for a wedding in Dallas. I didn’t have the music and many of my American friends came to my rescue and told me of I Tunes, a web site that had the song available for download for 99 cents!

After the ceremony, I gave several people a ride to where the party would be held. We all got there around 4 p.m. Max and Olga had invited a family singing group to sing throughout the party. They had a beautiful harmonic sound. Unfortunately, they sang most of their songs in Ukrainian and I don’t know that language very well…

We had salads amd meats to eat. Then several more appetizers were served. After 2 hours of music and games, we took a break and they set up for the main course to be served.

After the break, we ate more food, heard more songs, people gave their wishes for the couple, more music and games. I finally left about 8:15 p.m. and they were still going strong. Several people told me later that they stayed another 2 hours.

Sorry I missed out on the wedding cake… it looked DE-LI-CIOUS!