Ohio who?

What a disappointment?!?! The BCS game last night was the biggest loser of a game all week. After seeing Boise State beat Oklahoma in the same stadium the week before, the BCS championship was a let down.

Before there were ever BCS rankings, we might have had Ohio State and Boise State playing each other. They were the only two undefeated teams left in the nation. Now, there is only one, Boise State, and they only received a 5 ranking. There were several high ranking teams with 3 and 4 losses. What are we coming to?!?

I agree that Boise State would have probably gotten their you know whats kicked in a game with Ohio State, but they deserved to have the opportunity. Of course, now it is their job to get some top 20 schools on their pre-conference schedule.

It’s hard for me to congratulate Florida since I will never know how Boise would have done in a game matched up with Ohio. When are we ever going to have a real NCAA football champion???