Oklahoma City- 10 years later

I receive two English speaking channels on my cable system, CNN and Eurosports II (mostly a news channel). While I don’t consider CNN to be that great of a station, I do enjoy the fact that now that I am living in K’stan I can watch Larry King Live and Newsnight live.

I don’t watch them every morning as I don’t want to sit in front of the TV for two hours every morning, but I do watch occasionally. This morning (Saturday) I watched Newsnight and they did a special on the 10 year anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing.

I was living in Lugansk on April 19, 1995 when the bombing took place. I remember that I heard about it through an IMB missionary, Doug Symes, whose supervisors (Mike and Kay Norfleet) son was in the building at the time of the bombing (he lived but had some physical damage). Later, someone sent us some magazines that had pictures of the bombings. I remember how incredibly sad I felt due to the bombings.

Interesting enough, when Columbine happened, I was in Albania helping Texas Baptist Men with relief efforts during the Kosovar war. So, during both of these national tragedies, I was out of the country and felt somewhat disconnected since I wasn’t in the US during the time and missed all the news coverage.

This morning, however, as I listened to all the stories of survivors and those who lost loved ones in the blast, tears came to my eyes. I thought about the innocence that America lost that day. But, also, I heard the heroic stories of how some people were saved and how people came together that day.

This thought caused me to think back to 9/11 when the Twin Towers were hit. I remember how so many people donated blood that the blood banks were telling people not to donate. I remember WBAP in Fort Worth having donation rallies across the Metroplex and the outpouring of money and other things that were donated to help the victims and their families.

While some of our innocence may have been lost due to these horrific acts, I am proud that Americans stepped up to the challenge and continues to be a country that gives unselfishly to causes all around the world, most recently the Tsunami disasters.

I do feel somewhat separated by events that take place in America, but I am thankful that I have cable TV and internet that helps me stay in touch with family and friends and with news events. And, of course, you can keep up with me through these ramblings of mine on the internet.