On my way… home!

Well, I’m sitting in the Frankfurt airport.  I arrived early here as one never knows how long the lines will be at this airport… 🙂

I had a great day Sunday.  I woke up thinking I should have asked my friends Andrew and Judy  (who used to live in FF) where the International Baptist church was.  I will write later about my experience at the Catholic church I wanted to see (most interesting photo I took there.

Anyway, Judy wrote me about a Mexican restaurant in the city that served good food.  So, I decided to eat there for lunch.  I figured out the route and arrived about 1 p.m.  I ordered  enchiladas with beans and rice.  I was served chips and salsa.  The chips were obviously packaged, but the salsa was very tasty (and spicy!).

The food came and I began to eat.  It was pretty tasty.  I enjoyed it knowing it would be the last from a restaurant for some time!  Some Americans came in (the restaurant wasn’t busy…) and then one of the waiters told me that one of the Americans was a Baptist preacher.  Well, I had to talk to them of course!

After introductions, I found out he was the pastor of the International Baptist church.  We visited for some time.  It was interested how I woke up Sunday morning thinking I should have found out where the IBC was located and then God brought the pastor to me!  Small world, huh!

God is so good!