One of life's greatest joys…

is fellowshipping with other believers and learning from one another.

Last evening, I met up with one friend, Pasha, and a friend of his. We met downtown and got some ice cream and sat and visited.

He caught me up on what is going on in his life and how the youth camp for Grace church went last week. By the way, five people accepted Christ at the camp and then another 3 repented during the worship service on Sunday! PTL!

We decided to drive across to the left bank of Kiev (across the river from downtown) and went walking in a park that was redone for the 60th anniversary of Victory Day of WWII. It is beautifully landscaped and as I noticed several high rise apartment buildings nearby, I envied them for the beautiful view they have.

Any time I have an opportunity like last night, I try to impart the vision for starting multiple new churches, not only in Kiev, or Ukraine but wherever we find ourselves located.

I shared with him that the estimated population of Troeschina (where Grace church is located) is around 600,000. There are 3 known evangelical churches in the region.

I told him that if there was a church for every 10,000 people, there would need to be 60 churches. However, what if there was a church for every 1,000 people, that would require 600 churches!!! It is an impossible task for man, but with God it is possible. Our thinking must be challenged!!

I see God at work in Pasha’s life and I believe one day he will be a pastor. I pray that the seeds that are planted in his heart now will grow to a wild harvest of churches for the Kingdom someday.

God is at work…praise Him for it!