One year anniversary

On Tuesday, July 12, I will celebrate one year in Donetsk, and what a year it has been!

In my almost eight years with IMB, I have had the privilege to travel and live in some great places.  In September 2003, I moved to Kiev.  Sixteen months later I was asked to go to K’stan for a brief stint.  Returning to Kiev, I spent the next year and a half, traveling back and forth to K’stan while living in Kiev.

After my first furlough, I moved to K’stan and spent some time there before moving to Tbilisi after the Russian war with Georgia.  Both of those places are great places to live.  I enjoyed the extreme winters in K’stan and the mountainous beauty of Georgia.

After my second furlough it was decided for me to move to Donetsk.  Each place I have lived has been special to me but, honestly, I feel so at home in Donetsk.  The beauty of the city is a site to behold.  The parks and boulevards are immaculate and colorful.  The apartment where I live is in the heart of the city and I can walk most places.

The list could go on and on.  I really have grown fond of Donetsk.  I have met some great people and continue to develop some meaningful friendships, one cup of coffee at a time.

Thanks Donetsk for becoming my home.  It is great to be here!