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I leave Kyiv early on Wednesday morn.  I fly to Budapest, then on to Frankfurt.  I am going to spend a few days there and rest.  I wanted to travel to London, Paris or Rome, but the dollar is getting plummeted by the Euro and it was just too expensive.

I have done some tourist research and may try to take a cruise on the Main River or rent a car and go to Cologne for the day…  I also just want to spend a day and read, relax, etc…

I will be back in Kstan on Monday night (28th)…


  1. i can meet you at the train station and help with the luggage, just let me know

  2. Thanks for the offer. However, I left my car in Astana. So, I should be back on Tuesday. Are you guys playing BB on Tuesday?

  3. no BB for us, we lost the gym again because of some problmes with school director, so, now we play soccer instead on the open field not far from our office.

  4. How did you lose the gym?!? I don’t play soccer! Ugh!
    See you soon!

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