Our First Ukraine Missionary to Kazakhstan

Our first Ukraine missionary leaves today for Kazakhstan! I am very excited! When Mick asked me to consider coming home to recruit Ukrainians for mission service, I wasn’t too sure how it would go.

Well, the Lord kind of dropped this first one in my lap and it has been fun and exciting to see God work through Ivan. Maybe that was so I woulldn’t get discouraged!

Let me tell you a little about him.

Ivan is 29 years old and single. He graduated from Irpen Bible Seminary and Kiev Christian University. He lives in Irpen (or at least until today) with his mother and 17 year old sister. They are all members of a Baptist church in Bucha.

As I have watched his uncertainty turn into excitement of being a missionary, it reminded me of when the Lord called me to be a missionary in May 1992. However, at the time, I did not know that it would be a life calling.

I was so uncertain myself as to what the Lord wanted from me. I even tried to run from it for a while until February 1994 when I first served in Ukraine as a volunteer and raised my own support. I still remember the days leading up to my departure in 1994 and what I prayed.

I still pray that prayer and it is my prayer for Ivan and others in service to the Lord “Use me today to impact Your World.” As you think about it, would you pray for Ivan? He leaves Thursday and will be on the train until Monday morning (almost 4 days!). Then pray for him as he settles into a new apartment, new surroundings, new people, and new friends. Pray that he would impact the world where he lives.