Out of the frying pan, into ?

Before I left for my visit to Texas, my supervisor reminded me what the weather would be like there. Well, Texas did not disappoint me. Upon my arrival, as I stepped of the plane at DFW Airport, I felt the heat. Boy, did I feel it.

Texas experienced an abnormal September in regards to heat. It was around 100 degrees most days, even the last week of the month until the 28th when it finally cooled down. While I was looking forward to some hot days, I didn’t know that I was going to get a month of them.

As I stepped off the plane in Kiev on Saturday, October 1, I could feel the difference. It was a spectacular day with the temps in the mid 70’s. The nights are already cool and fall is arriving here. The trees are changing color. I checked the temps in Kstan and it is already getting down in the lower 40’s at night. Winter will be here soon.