Patience through the eyes of Buddy

I must admit that I am not a very patient person.  There have been times that I get upset at the smallest inconveniences.

I remember going through Domodedovo Airport in Moscow once with a colleague.  We were at the gate, waiting to board when something happened and before I knew it, I had said some words to the gate person that I immediately regretted.  He told me to calm down and that everything would be alright.  He was right, it was, but I still remember losing my cool that late night.

I believe that I have grown over time to be more patient, yet, still, I do struggle from time to time.  Most cultures are not as time oriented as America, and so I have really tried to be less upset with people when they don’t show up on time.  Ukrainians tend to be less time oriented and so I have had to learn to go more with the flow.

Buddy has provided me with new insight into this arena.  When we go for walks, I often have to stop and wait for him to decide to follow me.  Another issue is his lack of toilet etiquette at the moment.  He isn’t housebroken yet (and looks like it is still weeks away!) and so I am having to learn to be REAL patient in this area.

I want him to understand that there are pads for him to use, yet he hasn’t used them.  I have caught myself getting angry over this, and then I am reminded he is a puppy who hasn’t learned yet to go when and where I want him to go.  His is still very much a baby.

This morning as we were walking I was reflecting upon this and wondering when he might start using the pads, etc.  I was struck by the need to be patient with him, much like the Lord is patient with me when I get upset when things don’t necessarily go the way I thought they should.

The Lord is good about gently and lovingly rebuking me when I step over the line and am not patient when I need to be.  The Lord is good about trying to re-mold and re-shape me into His image so that I can be as patient with others and He is patient with me.

Later, today, when I need to take Buddy for his evening walk, hopefully I will be as gentle and loving with him as the Lord is with me.