People are watching

I love to go to Boulevard Pushkina and sit on a bench and watch people.  I have learned lots about the people of my city by doing this.  It gives me insight into their culture, their lives and how they interact with one another.

It caused me to think about the things I do and how people are probably watching me.  You may never know the impact you may have on people by choosing to do the right thing all the time or by speaking the right words all the time.  Sometimes it is difficult to live up to that expectation, and that is why it is important to just live it continuously.

Most everyone that reads this blog knows that I am not married and have never been married.  I am single.  So, that means that I do not have any biological children.  But there are children and young adults that I am very close to and there are several here in Donetsk and elsewhere that are like my kids.

Yesterday, one of them sent me a note.  In part it said… “Dear Joe, I have noticed that everyone in the States celebrates Father’s Day! And I thought of you right away! There are so many words that I would love to express, but the most important – THANK YOU, Joe, for loving me and being always open!”

I cannot tell you the pride that my heart has for this person, even at this moment.  I truly appreciate the kind words written about me.  But, more importantly, it reminded me that people are watching.  People see us and how we respond in times of struggles, good times, everything in between.

Yesterday, I preached from the Great Commission where Jesus told his disciples to go and “make disciples.”  This imperative implies spending time with another person so that they can see our perspective and reasoning through the words we speak and the actions we show.  It reminded me that people are watching me and waiting to see if I truly believe what I say and do.

Fortunately, for believers in Jesus, He made a promise to us that He would always be with us.  This means that as I traverse this road called life, Jesus is with me. I need to rely on Him always, cause people are watching.