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Polish Ragan?

I visited Warsaw, Poland last month.  It was a quick trip.  Some friends and I drove from Kyiv to Warsaw, a trip that took around 12 hours.

While there, we visited the new Warsaw Rising Museum, dedicated to valiant folks trying to fight off the Nazi invasion.  The museum is a great place to learn history of the uprising, and the “against all odds” attitude they took to fight.

While there, friends found a wall built on the property with all the names of the people who died during the uprising. They began looking for one of their last names as they had Polish descendants and found their name.  So, for fun, they looked to see if any of us had our family names listed.  To my surprise, they found a Polish Ragan listed!  I must say I was (still am!) shocked…

Trying to discover my family roots has taken a new twist…


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