Post Script: Finding beauty

Tonight as I was driving home from a meeting about an hour from Donetsk, I was reminded about “finding beauty” in all things.  You see, about 6 p.m. it started snowing.  At first it was light snow, but eventually it began to really fall heavily.

My meeting lasted until about 8:30 at which time I began the journey home.  I was driving down this long stretch of road that has lots of potholes and I was trying to watch for them and forgot that I was near the end of the road that deadends at a major highway.  I realized it when I say lights from both sides of the road.

I immediately started breaking, but since I have ABS, it was only slowing down a little and I realized I was not going to be able to stop in time.  Additionally, with the snow on the road, it was slippery.  I didn’t want to slide off the end of the road or get hit by either of the cars, so I decided to hit the gas and make a quick left turn onto the highway, praying that both cars were far enough away that I wouldn’t cause a wreck.

Did I mention that I don’t like to drive at night since I have bifocals and sometimes have issues with not seeing things correctly.  Well, fortunately for me, both cars were further away than I thought and I made the turn safely and without sliding off the road.  At that moment, the Lord reminded me (again), to find the beauty in all things.  The snowfall, while isn’t a great thing for March 26, it is a beautiful site that lights up the darkness.

I thanked the Lord for the snow and drove a little slower and more attentively the rest of the way back to Donetsk.