PostScript: Displaced

Whenever one reflects back on life lived, there are significant events that have transpired that impact or change that life. That has happened for me numerous times.

When I left Donetsk in April 2014, I really thought I would return in a couple of weeks. I have spoken with hundreds of displaced people since then who thought the same thing.

When I arrived in Dnipropetrovsk on April 14, 2014 and spent a few days with colleagues, it was suggested that I read “The Red Sea Rules.” It turned out to be a helpful book, and I have read it several times since.

As I reflect on this idea of displacement, I have come to realize that as a believer, I will be “displaced” until I get to my final destination. So, really, wherever I call “home” on this earth, I know that it is just temporary.

Now, I can live my life, hopefully, being content in this idea and learning to trust Him even more for the coming days.