Pray for KCU students

I met with 6 students on Wednesday from Kiev Christian University. They, along with a couple of more students and non-students, are praying about doing summer missions in Kazakhstan.

Here are the students that I met with on Wednesday:
Luda, who likes to work with children.
Anya, who likes to be involved with evangelism.
Julia, has experience working with youth and summer camps and speaks English.
Genna, who enjoys working with all ages, especially youth.
Sasha, who enjoys working with youth, and speaks English.
Vitaly, who is a musician and enjoys working with youth. and speaks English.

Here are some of their prayer requests:
*Please pray for the Will of God as they pray concerning being involved with the project.
*Sasha is graduating in May and is seeking God’s WIll for after graduation.
*Pray for their parents to have understanding in their going to Kstan. Many of them have parents that are not believers.
*Pray for finances. They have begun going to churches in the Kiev area to share about their mission trip.

We will meet again of Wednesday, March 8 for prayer. Please pray with us.