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Pray for the troops

Last Saturday, I was traveling to MS and had to fly through Atlanta. While I was eating lunch, several soldiers serving in the US Army sat down in the commons area.

As I was leaving, I walked by them and stopped to speak to them. I apologized for my forwardness, but wanted to let them know that I truly appreciated all they are doing and that I was praying for them.

I told them I was a missionary in Kyiv. The older of the two told me that he had served as a youth minister and both of them were Christians. They were on their way to Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio to get some medical training before heading out to you know where.

I asked them if they liked Mexican food and then told them where to find my favorite place in S.A. Hope they find the place and have a good time there…

Isn’t God good to have our paths cross? Thank you Lord and bless these men and their families…