I live in a mostly military community. The area was built after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The SU had lots of military personnel in Germany and central Europe and so after the fall, these families had to move somewhere.

So, with the help of the German government, the apartment buildings in my area were constructed and many military families moved in them.
Of course, many of the apartments have sold (that’s why I can live out here as well as another IMB family).

The other IMB family have been working with the military folks and desire to see a church geared for the military started in this part of town. So, there is a team coming next Saturday (23) to do a sports clinic and some other ministry in the area in hopes of finding prospects for the new church plant.

This morning after reading and praying the Lord placed it on my heart to do some prayer walking. When I lived here before, I had spent many mornings going for walks through the neighborhood and praying for the people here.

So, this afternoon, on a bright and sunny day, I walked through the area praying for the work of the team and for the children, youth and adults that the team hope to reach. As I noticed people out, I prayed specifically for them.

So, as you pray for me, would you please pray for this team and the work they will do here from July 23 to 30? Pray for the thousands of people that live in Kadetski Guy (the name of this region). Pray for God’s Spirit to touch hearts and lives.

One of the team members, Mark, will be staying with me. I hope to write more about him and his team once I have met them.