Praying with a new vision

On Saturday, January 28, a colleague, Linda, led a prayer walking seminar at Gethsemane church.  The first half of the seminar she explained what prayer walking is.  Then she broke the group up into 2’s and 3’s and gave them photos of different landmarks and places around the city of Donetsk that I had prepared.

After they spent time praying she went around the room asking them what vision God had given them as they prayed for the city.  It was great to hear many of the responses.  Several of them wrote on the backs of the photos their prayers.

Hopefully, when I return from my trip to Budapest, I can arrange a slide show of these photos and assembly a visual prayer walk of Donetsk to put on the blog.  It was great for me to hear their insight.  New eyes always provide new vision.

4 thoughts on “Praying with a new vision

  1. I am reading a book on church planting and one of the chapters talks about the power of prayer walking. We are praying that God will move strongly in the people of the Donetsk.

  2. Linda did a superb job and I was quite impressed by the insight some of the folks had just looking at a photo. As they say, “A picture is worth a 1,000 words.”

  3. Zack,
    At the close of the seminar I asked the ladies who live in Donetsk to help us out by prayer walking in the new area of town where we would like to see a church. Looking forward to seeing what God does!

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