Precious people, precious memories

During the last week, two women from my mom’s church passed away.  Mrs. Cox was 90 years old and had spent the last couple of years in the same nursing home as my mom.  They knew each other from years ago before being reunited as members at Northside Baptist Church in Wichita Falls.  She taught SS at NSBC for too many years to count. When I was called to the mission field as a volunteer in 1994, she asked her SS class to donate money to support me.  She did this until she stopped teaching in 2005.

I was in my mid-20s when I was called as youth minister of Northside in 1987.  One of the sweetest ladies that I met from NS was Mrs. Broyles.  She always had a kind work to share and when I was called overseas in the mid 90’s, she wrote me a couple of times and would include some cash in the letter.  After returning home to attend seminary, Mrs. Broyles always made it a point to speak to me when I came to church with mom.  Mrs. Broyles was 95.

The last time I visited NSBC in the spring of 2007, I remember looking at the congregation (there weren’t many there as it is a mostly elderly congregation) and not seeing those two dear ladies.  Time is passing by and unfortunately so are some the of God’s saints.  They will be missed, never forgotten…