I have been living in Donetsk for 7 months now.  Shortly after arriving, I hosted my first team from Second, Russellville, AR.  It was difficult to get ready for them since I had only arrived two weeks before them.  However, God was faithful and the team were real troopers.  They were willing to help out however they could.

When planning for 2011, I knew we had a couple of needs that we could meet, but I wasn’t sure how many teams God would bring.  I am still unsure what the final total will be, but I am excited about a number of contacts I have had with churches and individuals looking for opportunities.

While focused on 2011, I am already thinking about 2012.  Donetsk is one of the host cities for Euro 2012 soccer cup.  This is an incredible opportunity for us to impact not only locals, but people coming from other parts of Europe.

I like to dream and think about what kinds of possibilities there are to reach people.  I have enjoyed getting together with Sergei, a local church planter, and talk about the future.  It has been exciting to meet with him to pray and plan for the future of our launch of a new group in the center.

There is no better preparation than to begin by praying and seeking God’s vision for the future.  Too often I think we spend too little time praying and once we have a vision we begin to act and forget to continue to pray.  Currently I am reading the stories of the 40 years the Israelites spent in the desert.  Moses knew God’s promise to take them into the promised land.  Yet, even Moses would not see them enter into the land promised to them.

What does that mean to me?  As I spend time praying and seeking God’s face, it is imperative that I listen for His heart and act as I best understand Him.  Sometimes we may drift away or don’t understand correctly, just as the Israelites did while Moses was on the mountain.   But, we don’t just stop trying.

We get back on our knees and seek the heart of God.  Preparation should begin and end with prayer.

2 thoughts on “Preparation

  1. Good word, Joe…praying for the work in your part of the world. ask-seek-knock, seems this is a continuous action with more force and power as we pray, I’m asking Lord, I’m seeking you this day Lord, now I’m knocking I know You are there Lord, show me Your ways, show me Your face, so that all may praise you and I will testify of your great love and steadfastness and faithfulness to those that follow after your with a sincere heart.

    Thank you Joe for being there for such a time as this…better is one day in Your courts than a thousand elsewhere.

  2. I am excited about 2012 and eoro 2012 coming to Donestk. Our church is loking for places to serve in 2012. Maybe is the possible to come help you there is a possiblity. AS you see what types of groups God needs there and I will share in with our mission committee.

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