Productive week

It has been a great week in many regards. I spent parts of 3 days getting my car registered and tagged. Finally on Wednesday afternoon that happened…

A colleague from Astana came down and we had some very good meetings with ministry partners. We are in agreement in several issues to see Kingdom work done here in the Kstan. God is at work!!!

The Baptist Union President shared with us the cities/towns where new work is needed. Please pray for Astana: capital of Kstan, reaching almost 1 million people and has 1 Baptist church with 200 members. Also, Karaganda: 2 Baptist churches, over 600 members between the two. I am praying about new work needed in the center of town. Also, we discussed needed work in Temirtau, Zheshgazgan and other places. On Saturday afternoon I am meeting with some young people about work in Temirtau.

Thursday I was approved for a new multi-entry visa valid until July. I will go pick up my passport later this morning.

I started painting my bedroom yesterday and got most of it done. Today the water department is supposed to come to work on my pipes as is the electrician. I have several things that need to be fixed.

Overall, it has been a busy but productive week.

UPDATE: Received my passport with  a multi-entry visa valid until July!!! Praise the Lord!