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I was born in Wichita Falls, Texas…

I grew up in Jacksboro, Texas (until 5th grade) and Lone Star, Texas and graduated from Daingerfield HS in 1980…

I graduated from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls when it was still ok to have a mascot named INDIAN… (now they are the Mustangs)…

I have lived in numerous places in Texas, but enjoyed Fort Worth the most.  I have lived in three countries outside of the US: Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Rep of Georgia…

It’s amazing to think a guy from Lone Star, Texas has been this blessed to live this life!

On November 11, 2016 I had Whipple surgery to remove a tumor from my pancreas.  After months of chemo and radiation, God allowed me to return to Ukraine in September 2017.  I’m still on a journey…

You can reach me at josephragan3 (at) gmail (dot) com

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  1. Joe you best leave the comments about Big 12 football to those who know about such things. you have insulted one Baylor grad with your ditty. I know its minor and not enough for me to stop praying for you, which I have been doing almost every day for several years now.

    Baylor University very much deserves to be in the Big 12. We have a new football coach and will be rising from the ashes soon in that sport.

    However we dominate the Big 12 in tennis (men’s and women’s), track and field, Softball (Big 12 Championship in ’07); are at the top or very near in Women’s basketball (National championship in ’05) baseball (CWS in ’06), and have a contender this year in Men’s basketball.

    Get informed before you make a silly statement.

    Blessings, and keep up the good “missinary” work!

    Frank Ward

  2. you done got a lot of learning, glad you are using it for the Lord’s glory

    We went to Terri funeral Tuesday, it was a great servine, felt like we had been to church.

    You are in our prayers

  3. Joe, it is a blessing to see what you are doing these days. It is sad how I found out. I still keep in touch with Mark Wilkerson, as he works in the town I live in. He just sent me your site as he is really proud of the information you have on his dad. Eager to read it, but thought I would say Hi first. Wichita Falls seems so far away, but the power of that group will stay with me always. Jeannee McKinley Jones

  4. Joe!!! I don’t know if you even remember me… Ellen Branstiter, from ESL back at the synagogue in Ft. Worth, TX. Me and my mom taught there for years… Anywho, my mom sent me your website link and I thought it was about time I said hello! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. God bless!

  5. Hi Joe:

    You probably don’t remember me, but I am the guy with the wife who was born in Karraganda. She came to the US about 10 years ago.

    I wish I had kept in better contact with you over the last few years. Life is so hectic. I lost my job about two years ago, and required about 18 months to find a new one. Also, three kids require a lot of time …

    We’d like to re-visit Karraganda but the costs of airline travel are quite prohibitive. So we keep in touch with our relatives mostly by mail and phone.

    Anyway, I hope to keep up with your exploits better in the future.

    May God bless.

    — David Bower

  6. Just want to wish you a blessed new year. Have enjoyed your news letters.

    PS Frank is a true Baylor Bear.

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