Today I went to pay bills.  Most bills have to be paid at a bank or at the post office.  The telephone company is across the street from my apartment so I usually pay that bill at the office.  I walked in and breathed a sigh of relief since the line wasn’t very long.

However, as I walked in, a lady dressed in the Kazaktelecom uniform asked me if I was there to pay my bill.  I said I was, and she pointed me to a kiosk in the corner behind me.  She walked me step by step in how to pay my bill through the kiosk… no line… no waiting…  It took even less time than the cashiers so I was excited.

The Russian word for progress sounds almost like our word… I smiled at the lady, thanked her and then commented in Russian “progress”… she smiled and then asked the next person if they wanted to pay their bill at the kiosk.