Do you ever make promises?  If so, do you find it hard to keep them sometimes?

My desire is to be a man of my word.  I grew up in a time when a handshake between two men meant something.  Oftentimes, that handshake represented someone’s word and was better than a contract.  It was a promise.

Jacob encountered God on his way to Haran.  His mother didn’t want him to marry a local woman, so she had Isaac send him back to her brother’s house. Along the way, he slept and had a dream.  (Gen 28:12)

God made several promises to Jacob: that the land where he slept would be his; his offspring would be countless; and that He (God) would always be with him and never leave him.

Throughout the Bible, God made one promise over and over: that He would be with that person in that particular story.  Then, in Matthew 28:20, Jesus promised to be with his disciples, “And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

I accept this promise from Jesus with gratitude.  I am so thankful He promised to be with us always.  During my treatments, His promise helped me tremendously to endure surgery, chemo and radiation.

I know that I have failed at times to keep all my promises; sometimes dues to circumstances I couldn’t control and, other times, because I was weak or not wise. I’ve had to apologize more than once for promising more than I could deliver.

As I grow in Christ, my desire is to be more like Him, and so I should always be a man of my word. So, before I make a promise I should remember the example I have been given in Christ and strive to be more like Him everyday.