Proud as a papa

Sunday was an incredible day for me. Since last winter, I have been meeting with a group of young people from local churches. Each of them has a desire to know English better and to be used as a translator.

Most of them have never interpreted before a church service. Most of them speak English well, they just need practice and confidence.

I decided a few weeks ago that I was going to ask the pastor of the church I attend if I could preach on Sunday nights occasionally in order to give them practice. The idea is that the Sunday night group is smaller and may be less intimidating.

Well, Sunday morning I preached at one Baptist church in the city and Vitaliy interpreted for me. It was his first time ever to stand in front of a group of people. Honestly, I didn’t know that he had never been before a group since his English has improved greatly since meeting him 3 years ago. (He shared this with me while we had lunch after the service.)

That afternoon, Anya interpreted for me at another service. It was her first time to interpret as well.

I am so proud of both of them. They did a terrific job.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo from the morning service. Here is Anya after the later service.


Congratulations Anya and Vitaliy on a job well done!

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  1. HEy! I really liked to interpret))) and it is not so terrific job as you said))) well, it might have been only if i (personally) even didnt know about the idea of what you planned to preach about.)))
    Thank you for giving the opportunity to have practice!!!!!!!

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