Rain and Texas

This morning lightning and thunder woke me up just as the forecasters had predicted.  After I made coffee, I stepped out to hear heavy rain falling.  I lifted up a prayer of thanks and prayed that Wichita Falls might be getting some rain as well.

Since arriving in Fort Worth in August, I have been aware of the drought and water restrictions.  Those restrictions are even more stricter in Wichita Falls.  Wichita Falls has been under restrictions for several years now and people living there have become creative in saving water and reusing water to water their yards, trees and plants.Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 10.13.05 PM

I have watched with interest the lake levels around Wichita Falls.  Here is a photo of Lake Wichita.  As you can see, the lake sits hundreds of yards from the spillway.  Please pray for more rain to fall in this region.