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Friday was a good day.  I didn’t need to leave the apartment early, so I spent time reading I Samuel, caught up on email etc.  I ate a “burrito” from a street vendor.  I saw the word on his advertisement and it intrigued me.  His burrito consisted of: tortilla, shredded cabbage, hot carrots (the way Koreans make them!), pickles, ketchup, mayo, and his special sauce topped with chopped chicken and then toasted.  It wasn’t too bad! 🙂

Then I went and picked up my I-Phone.  I am happy to have it back!  Then I spent some time in downtown Kyiv trying to re-familiarize myself with where shops, cafes and restaurants are (or are no longer!)…

I had dinner with some friends and it was good!

Today (Saturday), I have plans to go with some friends to a big cultural event, so I hope to have pics and a story to tell later today!  Until then…


  1. Rebecca Juarez says:

    I like your updated website – fun!:)
    I pray all is well with you and looking forward to hearing more about your endeavors. Burrito? Are you in the States?

  2. Rebecca Juarez says:

    Oh, i read the rest of the comment and now i understand:).

  3. Aw yes, they take American or other foreign words and use them interchangeably, creating something new and confusing those of us who know what the word should mean. Thanks for stopping by!

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