Rangers game

I had the opportunity to go to a Texas Rangers game Tuesday night. I met my friends Chad and Traci for dinner and then we rode the bus over to the game. They are now offering shuttles to the game. I am not sure why, but most of the parking is covered with dirt.

The Cowboys new stadium is within site of the Ballpark in Arlington. (Thank you Tom Hicks for getting out of the Ameriquest Field debacle.) It is going to be huge!

What will be interesting is parking on those days when the Cowboys and Rangers play on the same day. Traffic will be a nightmare I’m sure, but luckily, it probably won’t happen much since their seasons only overlap a couple of months. Also, I don’t know if we will ever see the Rangers play much into October… No pitching, no post season play…

There were few people at the game and after the 5th inning, we moved to the lower level and enjoyed the closer view of the field and players. I had a great time! Hopefully, I will get to see another game before leaving. Oh, BTW, the Rangers won 12-9!