Nine years ago I was preparing for a “temporary” move to Kazakhstan that would eventually lead to me starting this blog.  In a few weeks I will celebrate the 1,000 blog post, 9 years of writing a blog and 20 years since my first trip to Ukraine.  Lots to celebrate in the month of February!

Yesterday, I spent a few minutes looking at some videos of “Spring of Living Water” church in Karaganda, KZ.  It was fun to see a video of them celebrating Christmas by dressing up in red capes and going around town and blessing people.  What really caught my eye though was all the snow on the ground and how cold it looked, unlike the weather in Donetsk today.

I remember well my first week in KZ in January 2005.  It was far colder than anything I had experienced in my life up to that time.  I had to learn how to walk on snow that had turned to ice, usually from November to March!

This morning I read Romans 4 in Russian.  I was reminded anew the promises God made to Abraham and how, by faith, Abraham received all that the Lord had promised him.  It challenged me to know that He has made promises to all His children, who are called by the name Christian.  By faith, we must seek Him and do His will.