Religious Freedom

Is there a point in our Constitution where our religious freedom infringe upon other people’s freedoms? I ask this question in light of the ruling handed down recently concerning a parent’s right to mourn and the right of people to protest. Read about it here.

A Baptist church in Kansas is standing behind the shadow of the Constitution that they say gives them the right to protest at fallen soldier’s funerals. The church’s website is called Don’t go there unless you are old enough and ready enough to read what they have written. If you go there, please take note of how the US flag is displayed in the address line.

As I read the Fox News story, I learned that numerous states have banned protests at funerals and the the federal government is protecting Federal cemeteries.

What do you think? Does the Constitution allow for this type of protests?

2 thoughts on “Religious Freedom

  1. It shames me that these people claim the same relationship with Jesus that I claim. I think they must have ripped 1st John out of their Bibles. The very hate that comes off of these people is palpable. My Lord Jesus the Christ died for the people they are protesting… I wonder what they will say to His face about that?

    Jesus died for them, but this “church” hates them? What does that make this “church”? I know that wasn’t exactly your question, but this just saddens and sickens me too much to comment about the Constitutionality of it. What comes to mind is two verses:

    1 John 3:15 – Whoever hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him.

    John 16:2b – yes, the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God service.

    To me, these people are clearly identified by these two passages… they hate (ie, murder), and by doing so think they are serving God. I pray for them.

  2. I truly feel sorry for the families of the slain soldiers who have to endure this.
    Having lost my mother recently, I remember the highly charged emotions I felt during the time. Of course, I was going through shock at the suddenness as well, so there are even more emotions to deal with.
    I think most people would prefer to deal with tragedies in private and to have this type of behavior displayed during your grief would be unbearable and unnecessary.

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