Remembering the good

I just finished putting fresh sheets on my bed.  Not sure when it started, but I change sheets on Mondays now.  Guess I have become a creature of habit!

What makes this instance special is that I was putting on some sheets sent to me by Wanda Davis and her Sunday School class back in 2006.  The class had asked me what were some things I needed and so I sent them a list and they returned two large boxes of stuff!  It sure felt like Christmas to me.

I try to always remember to pray for people when I use the things they have sent me.  Wanda and her SS class sent me several pair of sheets.  I still have those sheets and each time I use them, I pray for them.

Ginny and Mike Christianson have sent me several boxes of stuff, usually at Christmas.  This past Christmas she sent me some kitchen things and food, etc.  Each time I get out one of her things, I pray for her and Mike.

There are others I could list.  They know who they are and I pray for each and every one of them.  Probably the things I miss the most are two rugs I purchased with money given specifically for the rugs.  Some friends from Henderson, Texas, Al and Carolyn, had visited me in Kyiv and I mentioned that I wanted to purchase some and when they left, they gave me money for those rugs.

I moved to Kazakhstan a couple of years later and when I moved to Georgia, I couldn’t take them with me.  I was heart broken. The one positive is that I sold them to a group who were going to use them in a ministry reaching out to Kazakhs and those rugs would be sit on by people.  I hope they have blessed many people.

God has blessed me tremendously.  I am thankful to remember the good!