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Remont, Day 10 and 11

So close, so close and yet so far…

Each day brings us closer to being finished.  The laminate has been laid in all rooms.  Sasha has almost completed the tile in the entry and in the kitchen.  Peter has joined the fun in recovering my furniture.  It looks like they will need to paint the hallway after all the work.  We will make a decision on that on Monday.

I have started the process of putting my bedroom and office back together.  I will work on it most of Monday and Tuesday probably.  The kitchen cabinets won’t be ready until early March, so after they finish the kitchen, we will put the old cabinets back in there until the new ones are ready.

Here are a few photos from Friday and Saturday…

peter-sofa.jpg     sasha-floor.jpg    vita-misha.jpg

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