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Remont, Day 9

The guys finished the bedroom and we spent part of the day moving furniture around.  We had to move all the stuff stored in the office/ 2nd bedroom to the other 2 rooms in the apartment.  I was able to sleep in my bed last night, which I am thankful for, however, most of the stuff from the other bedroom is now stored in there so I cannot begin to straighten up my bedroom yet.

They (we, cause I helped…) painted the office room and so they should begin laying the flooring Friday.  Also, Sasha spent most of the day laying tile in the entry way and in the kitchen…

misha-paint.jpg   sasha-tile.jpg   vita-floor.jpg

Misha preparing to paint the office; Sasha laying tile in entry and Viktor working in the office.

The apartment is beginning to take shape…

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