The Russian word for remodel is remont.  This word has become part of my vocabulary and I use it sometimes, even while speaking English.

I am in the midst of some “remont” in my apartment.  For the last few days, along with a young man from Gethsemane church, I have been trying to remodel the front room of my apartment.  It is the largest room in the apartment and is perfect for hosting meetings and training.

For the last few years, we have rented out this apartment since we didn’t have any personnel in the city.  A student group has been renting the apartment, and after seeing numerous people in the apartment each week, the carpet and walls were quite worn.

So, we pulled up the carpet, have painted the walls and the baseboards and hopefully today the carpet will be laid.  I wish it was possible for me to explain to you the problems we have had.

One example, there are so many things I would have liked to have done like pull up the baseboards, but when the wallpaper was put up, who ever did the work, plastered the wallpaper to the top of the baseboard.  The baseboard is several inches higher than anything available today, so if I would have pulled up the baseboard, I would have been left with a gap between the wallpaper and the baseboard.  So, we are improvising… 🙂

Yesterday, I started painting the entryway of the apartment and got the first coat down.  Of course, when I moved the coat rack, which I had planned not to keep, I found another situation on the floor which I am not sure what I will do with at the moment.  The Russian’s have a saying about “remont.”  They say the work is never completed.  I am beginning to think it may be true!!!

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