Repairs don’t come easy

My upstairs neighbor has a drainage pipe from his kitchen that traverses into my kitchen and then disappears into my toilet where it empties into the main drain pipe.  It has leaked off and on for the more than 2 years I have lived here, however, since my neighbors live in the US and no one is in the apt very often, there was nothing I could do to get the pipe repaired.

Two weeks ago, I was sitting in my kitchen when I heard water dripping onto my kitchen counter top.  I hurried upstairs to find my neighbor at home.  I invited him downstairs to see the pipe.  From this, began a journey that took a week for the “powers that be” to decide the pipe was from his apt and then it took another week for the repairmen to be able to come and make the repairs.

Tuesday was repair day.  The repairmen showed up a little after 9 a.m.  Honestly, I didn’t expect them to show up so early.  They had a plan that I agreed to, but once they began that work, realized they would need to replace the pipe through my wall to the main drain pipe.  Just exactly what I didn’t want. But, honestly, it turned out for the best, since the pipe had been leaking in the toilet as well.

They had to knock through 16 inches of concrete flooring to break loose the pipe so that it could be taken out, then when they tried to put in the new pipe, they had to knock out more concrete to make room for the pipe.  All this concrete fell into my kitchen, hitting the sink and bouncing to the floor, breaking into smaller pieces.  Some of those pieces wound up in the adjoining hall and under things in the kitchen.

Lots of dust was created as well.  Once, while I was standing in the kitchen, the dust got so bad that I had to leave the room.  I wish I had moved all my dishes and small appliances out of the room.  After the dust settled, literally and figuratively, I realized that I would now have a major cleaning of the kitchen to do after the repairs.

After the guys finished their work, they collected their money and their things and left.  My neighbor, who is Ukrainian but has lived in the US for several years, commented that the mess they left would never happen in the US.  He continued to say that he just could not believe the workers left the mess they did and how he was disappointed.  I thought to myself, “I doubt his kitchen looks as bad as mine since the work from his apartment took place on the floor and caused most of the mess that was in my apartment!”

One brother came over later to help repair the hole in my ceiling and wall.  I do not have “golden hands” as he does.  I did start the work before he arrived, and made a big mess.  🙂

So, today will be spent in the kitchen trying to clean up the mess my kitchen has become.  Another day in my life… not planned, but necessary.

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