Road to rehabilitation

Many of you have been praying for Alosha. I met Alosha last year during Grace church’s youth camp. I don’t know why Alosha struck a chord with me during the camp, only God knows for sure. However, one possible reason is so that many of you could pray for him.

You see, Alosha was almost 18 when I met him. He was also a drug addict.

After camp, I met with Alosha and his best friend, Kostya. Both were hooked on a cheap drug that tends to lead to usage of harder drugs. I knew the path he was heading down, but nothing I told him seemed to help.

I put him on my prayer list last year and many of you have been praying for him. So, it was exciting for me a few months ago when Valodia, pastor of Grace, told me that Alosha had agreed to go to the rehab center in Ostrog (western Ukraine).

Then in June, Valodia wrote me that Alosha had repented and prayed to receive Christ! I cannot tell you the rejoicing that I did that day.

So, since returning to Kiev, going to see him has been on my list of things to do. Well, I finally had a chance on Saturday, July 30 to visit him.

Pasha, three other guys (two of which were going to enter the rehab center) and I drove to Ostrog, which is about 4 1/2 hours west of Kiev. We had a nice drive out there and stopped near a small lake to eat breakfast/lunch.

When we arrived, I cannot express to you the joy that filled my heart. It was so good to hear Alosha and how God has changed his heart. He is filled with the spirit of God.

After visiting him a while, Pasha and I drove to the rehab center. Alosha is staying at a type of half-way house. We took one man addicted to alcohol there to enter their program.

We went back to the house and picked up the guys and we went for a swim in a river (that was filled with cows and horses that were also trying to cool off!).

After some time there, we went back to the house, ate dinner and Pasha and I took off back to Kiev. It was a looooong day, but very fulfilling. God blessed my life tremendously.

However, please do not stop praying for Alosha. While his addiction seems to be broken, his faith is only beginning to grow. Pray for him to listen for God’s voice amongst all those voices that will try to pull him away. I shared with him the many friends of mine who have prayed for him and he said to tell you all “thanks” but to keep praying for him.

Last week, he got to help in a children’s camp and it was great to hear how God used him during that week. But what was even more exciting was to hear how he wants to serve God now! Praise the Lord!