Road trip!

I went on a road trip on Wednesday. I took the express train to Khmelnitskiy in western Ukraine. By the express train, it only took me 4 1/2 hours to get there. If I drive it’s at least 5 hours!

Most of the express trains have been remodeled and are very nice and comfortable. I really enjoyed the ride!

I arrived there at 9:30 p.m. and Sasha (the brother that lives there) picked me up and we went to Pan Pizza to have dinner. I had a great cheese soup there.

On Thursday morning, we drove to a village about an hour away and I spoke with a group of students who are studying Kay Arthur’s Inductive Bible study method. They took a break from their studies and I shared about our program to send missionaries to Kazakhstan.

Of course, the video projector wouldn’t work and so the students watched the video on the notebook’s small screen. Several students showed an interest in knowing more.

Sasha and I drove back to Khmelnitskiy and had a late lunch in what may be the BEST restaurant in Ukraine. It is an Italian restaurant in the downtown area. When we walked in it was not crowded (it was after the lunch hour). The restaurant was beautifully decorated for Christmas with decorations I have not seen in Ukraine. I asked where they got them and they said from Belguim.

The cost is quite expensive but I had Basil Tomato soup, a large vegetable salad with fetta cheese and then beef stroganoff. I was stuffed! Then we had coffee (I didn’t have room for dessert! That’s for the next trip!)

Around the corner from the restaurant was a coffee shop and they had some great coffee tins. I have ordered some wallpaper border to put up in my kitchen and these tins will look great with the border!

I took the express train back to Kiev and had a great return trip. It has warmed up here to 40 degrees today and was actually warmer here than in Texas! Now who would have believed that!