Road Trips

I enjoy traveling. I always have. One of my biggest disappointments of my childhood was traveling with my dad. When we traveled across the mid-sections of the US, we were usually going to visit family and he wanted to get to where we were going. I was happy to be going, I just wanted to see more!

Several times we traveled through Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville (during the World’s Fair), Columbus, Pittsburgh, Washington, DC and other interesting places. Never once did we stop to visit the cities to see the city. I remember one time driving right through Washington DC and seeing the capital from the back window pleading with my dad to stop to at least take a picture. Nope, we had to get out of town before rush hour traffic.

The summer after my dad died, I drove my mother to the east coast to visit family and we stopped in many places where I never had a chance to. We drove to Philadelphia (I remember the city being very dirty in 1985), and the splendor of Washington even in steaming humidity.

Well, since becoming a missionary I have had the opportunity to travel in western Europe and some in eastern Europe. It’s hard to imagine places so old. I’m not sure what it will be like if I ever get to travel to Israel and Egypt!

I’ve said all this to say that I am heading out on a “road trip” across sections of northern Kazakhstan. The group is going all the way to western Kazakhstan, but due to my visa expiring soon, I must return to Karaganda last next week to make sure I can get the paperwork done in time.

Look for more about the road trip soon to see what I witnessed. Until then…