Rollercoasters Are Best Enjoyed at a Theme Park

Today was one of those roller coaster emotion days. I went to church in Saran, which is where the leader of the Baptist Union of Kazakhstan in pastor. Saran is about 20 km from Karaganda.

When I woke up and opened my kitchen blinds the land was covered in a new blanket of snow. It had snowed several inches so I knew that I had to leave a little early because of the snow covered roads. (Where is spring…?)

When I arrived, I looked for a young man that has become a friend. We have spent many hours together. He tends to be very legalistic in his views. He came to the Lord a few years ago after he had already married and had a daughter. I have learned from him that his wife doesn’t even want him to talk about the Bible, God or Jesus around her. Of course, this has caused much strain in their marriage and he has even spoken about getting a divorce.

The service had already started when he showed up and he was with a woman that I knew was not his wife. My heart sank. I was hoping that it was a friend or someone he was witnessing to. At the conclusion of the service, during a call to repentance, my friend went forward and my fears were confirmed.

After the service, my friend came to me and said that he needed to talk to me. We didn’t have much time to talk as I had been invited to go to the orphanage with the group from the US that is here on a mission trip. He confirmed to me what I already feared and I shared with him that he was still loved by Jesus.

As I left the parking lot, I wondered what had happened to my friend to cause him to fall from. I know we are all weak and subject to fall. Being on the mission field, I know that if I don’t open the Word of God everyday, my focus is not on Him and I become weak. It is during those moments of weakness that we give in to our evil ways and are likely to fall.

In less than five minutes, I was at the orphanage the church operates. It was my second time to be at the orphanage but the first time that I would meet most of the children there. The last time I was there during the day when they were at school.

My thoughts were now turned to these children and my heart soared as I saw the love and happiness they exuded. It was incredible. After the children at their lunch, we were invited to have lunch. Then we had a time of fellowship with the children. They had prepared a short program.

The young men sitting around me were infatuated with my digital camera and I allowed some of them to take pictures of the events. It was a great time and I really enjoyed meeting the kids. What was most endearing to me was when several of the young boys leaned on me or sat on my knee. I could tell they are loved and happy, yet very accepting of complete strangers who love them as well.

I got back in my car and compared the two events of my day and was grieved for my friend and overjoyed that the Lord allowed me this experience at the orphanage. There are some special kids there and God is at work in their lives.