Ronald Reagan era

Reagan Diaries

In 1980, I was not too politically savvy. I grew up in a Democratic home. Most of my friends’ parents were Democrats as well. I lived in an industrial city in east Texas.

I did not vote for Reagan in either election that he won. I was not a fan of his and I sure didn’t like his wife, Nancy. However, before he left office and while attending summer school at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls something changed in me. I was taking Political Science 1 and 2 that summer with Dr. Saboto. I remember him quite well standing before the class espousing why the Democrats were right and the Republicans were wrong.

When he first started doing this, I was all for it. However, he did it every day for hours on end and by the end of that summer, I had been converted, except not in the way Dr. Saboto probably had wanted! I had been converted to the ideology of conservatism.

I still didn’t like Reagan that much even after the change took place. Since then, I have realized that being a Christian and standing for what is right is far more important that being a Democrat or Republican. I am fiscally a conservative and probably more align with Reagan’s policies than I do with Bush’s now.

Recently, I was watching CNN (the only English news channel on the TV here) and Larry King interviewed Nancy Reagan on the event of her releasing President Reagan’s diaries. I was intrigued. I had one of the summer students bring the book for me and I have been reading it.

It is really insightful into the life of a president. It has been great getting to read some of the stuff he wrote about. I have only finished the first 2 years of his presidency so far but have greatly enjoyed it. Whether you liked Reagan or not, I would highly recommend the book. It is a great read!